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01.May I still access the databases subscribed by the University online after I graduate/retire?

We are sorry to inform you that once you graduate/retire from the University, you are unable to access databases from outside the University. Even if you apply for an alumni/retiree library card, your account number and password are still invalid from sites outside the University. 

However, you can still use these databases on campus. You can use your library account number and password to log into the database for inquiries on campus.


02.What settings must be changed to access the University's databases from an off-campus site?

Databases which show the NCCU logo on the database guide can be accessed from outside the University. When you access the databases from outside the University, you do not need to change any of the computer settings and may log in directly using your library card account number and password.

If it shows the Campus logo on the database gudie, it is restrictively limited by certain IP addresses. Please use the SSL VPN  service provided by the Computer Center to search the library databases  from an off-campus site.


03.What is the account number and password for logging into the database? How can I acquire this information?

The account number and password for accessing the databases are your library card account number and password. 

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