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Reserve a Space

Venues in the Library available for public use are listed below,  for information, please contact the Library.
Library Lobby | Main Library 1F Meeting Room | Research Room in the Main Library | Branch Library Seminar Rooms | Classic Collection Corner |
Fang Ming Chen Library

I. Library Lobby (including the Spiral Gallery in the Main Library)

  • Students and the Faculty are welcomed to register for the main Library lobby for static artistic exhibitions.
  • Anyone interested please check the Booking list of exhibitions. First, to make sure if the lobby is available during the particular period. And then fill in the application form. The《exhibition proposal》should be attached with it.
  • Please submit them to NCCU Library Preservation and Access Section for reviewing. Application time is two to one month before the exhibition.
  • Contact : Circulation Desk of Main Library, at extention number 63180. 

II. Main Library 1F Meeting Room

  • Eligibility: NCCU faculty and students
  • Available Hours:
    • See Library Hours.
    • Holidays: the discussion rooms are not available on holidays.
    • Library has the privilege to adjust the open hour of discussion room for special occasion. The change of open hour will be announced in advance.
  • How to Reserve:
    • Online application
      the applicant can use the Room Management System (hereinafter referred to as System) for online application. Every applicant can reserve three time slots every two week and each time slot can be no more than four hours.
  • Reminders for reserving the Meeting Room:
    • The applicant should faithfully register all the group members' faculty ID or student ID for entrance reference. When the information is any false, the registration will fail and the reservation will be cancelled. No objection or protest will be accepted under such conditions.
    • Cancellation can be made by any member of the group and cannot be undone. Online cancellation should be completed no later than the day before reservation; same-day cancellation in advance by phone or in person will not be counted as non-attendance.
    • Any three of the group member should bring their ID to the reference desk of digital resources learning area to complete the registration within 20 minutes before the reservation time. If the registration is less than three in 20 minutes, the system will automatically cancel the reservation of late registration and one non-attendance will be on record. Twice non-attendance will lead to a one-month forfeiture of registration.
    • If the group holds less members than required, Library will cancel the reservation and impose a one-month forfeiture of registration on the applicants.
    • Applicants cannot hold activities irrelative to the purpose of the discussion room. There is no allowance to smoking, food, noise or other improper behavior. Any violation will lead to reservation cancelled and a one-month forfeiture of registration.
    • Applicants should recover and clean the room. Otherwise, one-month forfeiture of registration will be imposed.
    • Applicants are liable to any facility damage caused by ill use. Facility that belongs to other place is not allowed to be brought to the discussion room without permission.
    • In consideration of Copyright Law, only visual /audio documents labeled for Public Use from Library are permitted to be displayed in the discussion room. Violations will be imposed on a three-month forfeiture of registration. Applicants are liable to legal penalty resulted to their own behavior.
    • Please see Guidelines for Dealing with User's Violations of the Rules for further details.
  • Reserve a room now!
  • Contact: Circulation Desk of Main Library, at extention number 63222

III. 4F of Main Library - Carrels

  • Eligibility: Current postgraduates 
  • Method:  Room Management System (for the next 3 months, double booking and cross-month booking won't be accepted)
  • Duration
    • 29 days (1st – 29th of every month)
    • Carrels are out of service on the 30th and 31st of every month due to routine cleaning (contingent situation would be notified)
  • Notice
    • Applicants should check in at the circulation desk on the 1st floor of Main Library during the first 5 days as the term of loan begins, otherwise application would be cancelled.
    • New application is allowed only after the end of current loan.
    • The library or the staff assumes no responsibility of keeping your belongings therefore please put them away before due time.
    • Do not carry any unchecked-out library items or public belongings into the carrels.
  • New service on trial (valid from 08/01/2014)
    • Designated carrels are open for one-day use
    • Application is accepted at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of Main Library with valid student ID card
    • Term of loan is limited to one day and access cards should be returned before close of the library; any overdue leads to suspension of personal application for one month
  • Contact: Circulation Desk of Main Library, at extention number 63222

IV. Branch Library Seminar Rooms

  • The applicant can use the Room Management System for online application.
  • Social Sciences Library: ext. 50106
  • Commerce Library: ext. 84006

V. Classic Collection Corner

  • Academics and administrations are welcomed to register for Classic Collection Corner for book exhibitions.
  • ​Anyone interested please check the list of book exhibitions. First, to make sure if Classic Collection Corner is available during the particular period. Second, contact the NCCU Library Circulation Section for application. And then hold the exhibition according to the exhibition note.
  • Contact : NCCU Library Circulation Section, at extention number 62403. 

VI. Fang Ming Chen Library

  • Fang Ming Chen Library houses the Fang Ming Chen Collection and the New Arrivals. The 'Salon', center of this area, is able to accommodate about 50~90 guests and provide the proper venue for holding forums, lectures, or book launches for NCCU students and staff. Early reservation is required. (application form)
  • Contact: Circulation Desk of Main Library, at extention number 63222


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