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Sections Information

Library Section Tel. Ext. Fax E-mail Section Function
The Main Library Circulation Section (02)2939-3091 63222 (02)2939-0272 mail Borrow & Return, Course Reserves, Inter-library Card, Periodical Services, NDDS Services
Knowledge Organization Section (02)2938-7091 67091 (02)2938-7187 mail Cataloguing and Physical Processing of All Collection/E-Thesis and Dissertation System/ NCCU Scholarly Journals/ IR system
Resources Acquisition Section (02)2938-7092 67092 (02)2938-7272 mail Budget Control, Material Acquisition/Processing, Book Purchase Projects Sponsored by MOST, Books Purchased by Public Funds, Books Purchased for the Use of Research Projects, and Exchange of Books and Gifts
University History and Archives Section (02)2938-7097 67097 (02)2938-7572 mail University Records / Archives / Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Library / Serial Books / Governmental Publications
Dah-Hsian Seetoo Library Digital Innovation Section (02)8237-7017 77017 (02)8237-7031 mail Managing Learning Commons, Multimedia Creative Learning Space, Lo Chia-Luen Hall, Dah-Hsian Lecture Hall, Study Carrelsl etc. in Dah-Hsian Seetoo Library, also including Dah-Hsian Collection, Ausiovisuial Collection, Nccuers Collection & Compact Shelving
Outreach and Information Section (02)8237-7066 77066 (02)8237-7061 mail Database Tutorials, E-Journal Services, Digital Resources Learning Corner Management
Speciall Collection Section (02)8237-7020 77020 (02)2939-0455 mail NCCU Institutional Repository System, Digitization of Library Collections and Archives, Special Collections Management
Research and Development Section (02)8237-7044 77044 (02)8237-7041 mail System Development & Maintenance, Interactive Data Display Modules, Projects Management, Editorial Office ofJournal of InfoLib & Archives, Maker Space Management.
System Information Section (02)8237-7050 77050 (02)8237-7051 mail Library Automated System/Computer Facilities & Systems/Website/Networks/Datacenter Maintenance and Information Security Management
Director's Office (02)8237-7070
(02)2939-0455 mail
Administrative Issues Associated with the Libraries
Branch Libraries Social Science Library (02)2938-7785 50107 (02)2938-7780 mail Circulation Services, Reader's Services, Periodical Services, Reference Services
Commerce Library (02)8661-5436 84006 (02)8661-5435 mail
Communication Library (02)2938-7152 67152 (02)2939-9319 mail
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