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Multimedia Service

The Main Library, Social Sciences Library and Commerce Library collect a range of AV materials to support the diverse needs of the NCCU community.


A. Collections

  • Main Library

  1. The Digital Resources Learning Corner, located on the 1st floor, has VCDs, DVDs, CDs and multi- media materials of general subjects to support the research, study and recreation needs of faculty and students.

  2. ​The Non-Book Material Room, located on the 2nd floor, houses cassettes and LDs and provides equipment for users to view the resources.

  • Commerce Library

The Commerce Library primarily has AV materials of subjects in commerce.

  • ​Social Sciences Library

The Social Sciences Library houses AV materials of subjects in social sciences and law.


B. Opening Hours


Main Libary

Commerce Library

Social Sciences Library

Digital Resources Learning Corner

Non-Book Materials Room


12:00 ~ 21:30

08:30 ~ 17:00

08:00 ~ 21 : 30

08:30 ~ 21 : 30

Tue. - Fri.

08:30 ~ 21:30






Note : 
1. All Libraries will be closed on national holidays. 
2. Opening hours for summer and winter vacation would be announced separately.

C. Use Policy

Users with valid NCCU ID cards (excluding the Interlibrary Card) may use AV materials by the following rules:

  • Public Broadcasting Materials

    • Public broadcasting materials can only be borrowed and viewed within the libraries.

    • Only one item can be borrowed at a time and can be borrowed an unlimited number of times, however has to be returned the same day as borrowed.    

    • Campus departments or institutions may fill out the request form to check out items for a maximum of 3 days to support educational activities.

    • Overdue fines are charged NT$5 per hour for items not being returned on the due time. The maximum total fine for an overdue item is NT$1000.

    • Users must not use the equipment to view personal DVDs and must not record or download unless for an agreed purpose and approved by the libraries.

  • Home Edition Materials

    • Home edition materials shall only be loaned and viewed out of the library.

    • 3 items can be borrowed for a period of 7 days and can be renewed once if no one else has requested the items.

    • To prevent damage or loss, do not return AV materials to any book drop boxes.

    • Overdue fines are charged NT$30 per day for items not being returned on the due date. The maximum total fine for an overdue item is NT$1000.

    • Items checked out to another users can be requested and reserved. 

D. Request Form

AV Materials Checkout Request Form - Faculty Only

Click Num: