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Copy Service

All NCCU Libraries provide photocopying services.

Multifunction Printers: Photocopying/Printing/Cloud Printing

  1. Operating Location 


Number of Copying Machines

Main Library

1F / 2F


Commerce Library

WebOPAC Area


Social Sciences Library

1F / B1


Dah Hsian Seetoo Library

2F / 4F


  1. Pricing & Payments

Pricing for Copying or Printing

  • Black and white- A4: NT$1 per pageA3NT$ 2 per page
  • Color- A4: NT$5 per sideA3NT$10 per page
  • Double-sided counts as two pages.

Payment Method: EasyCard / iPass / Visa / Master card / 台灣Pay /Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / GooglePay / Line pay

  1. Service Provider HONLYNN CO., LTD.
  • Customer Service Hotline(02)2299-9889#8577
  • LINE is also provided, and LINE QR code on the Pay serve screen for consumers to make contact with.

IV. Invoice

  • If an invoice is needed to claim reimbursement, please take a picture of the  receipt and sent it to the Customer Service (LINE ID @323tdgdv) or mail to 10609012@honlynn.com.tw with customer’s contact (name, phone number & Email address), heading and tax ID number.

v. Copying & Pringing Steps

Please be reminded to always comply with Copyright and Intellectual Property Right when making copies.


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