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NCCU & NTNU ONEcard Service

Request for Onecard Services

The NCCU and NTNU ONEcard service provides full time faculty and doctoral students with access to the holdings of affiliated libraries with a single library card.

  • How to request for ONEcard Service

The ONEcard Service applies to full time faculty and doctoral students with a valid library account from both universities. To activate the borrowing privileges, patrons must give consent to both Libraries to import their records into the other Library's database. Once the application is approved and the service is initiated, patrons may use their valid ID card to borrow materials from each other Library.

  • Borrowing Policy

The ONEcard service allows patrons to borrow 5 items for a loan period of 30 days. Renewals and holds are not available.

Loan materials should be returned to the original library before the due date. You may return NTNU items at NCCU Main Library without any charge. To avoid an overdue fine, however, you have to take the items to the libraries 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) before the due date. You are responsible for any fees or costs charged by NTNU libraries if overdue items accrue fines or any item is declared lost or damaged while on loan to you. You have to pay the fees in person at NTNU libraries to restore the borrowing privilege.

ONEcard Service does not apply to patrons whose library privileges have been blocked.
All NTNU items must be returned and any fees should be paid before applying for leave of absence or graduation.
To verify materials that can be borrowed or for any further information, please refer to the Circulation policies and related rules of both Libraries.



NCCU Libraries
Tel: (02) 2939-3091 #63222
E-mail : libcir@nccu.edu.tw
NTNU Library
Tel: (02) 7734-5237
E-mail : libread@deps.ntnu.edu.tw

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