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Journals / Newspapers


► Library journals are held separately in two areas, one for Current Issues and one for Bound Issues:

  1. Current Issues: Journals issued within the past two years.

  2. Bound Issues: Journals issued prior to the last two years will be bound into a volume containing a certain number of issues; this is called a bound issue.

► How to Locate Journals

  1. If you are looking for a specific journal, you can access the Discovery System by entering the name of the journal you want; if the journal is housed in the Library, the system will show its location and shelf mark, where you will find the journal required. If the journal is not housed in the Library, see if you can find an online full-text link. It should be noted that when looking through the journal shelves, Chinese journals are arranged by the number of strokes in the name of the journal, whereas Foreign language journals are arranged alphabetically according to a specific journal's name.

  2. If you are not looking for any particular journal, you may browse Journals by category through "Search for journals" to retrieve the online full-text articles related to your keywords.

  3. If the full-text articles is available, the desired material can be saved and printed; otherwise, search the Nationwide Document Delivery Service, and apply for domestic or international document delivery.


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