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List of Union Catalogs

NCCU Libraries Recommended Websites

The following external websites are organized and recommended by NCCU Library which you may find useful.  Please be reminded, however, that it’s not the Libraries responsibility to guarantee the proper functioning of those websites.  Nevertheless, if any wrong URL occurs, you may contact the librarians to correct. 

National Bibliographic Information Network(NBINet)

Website Host: National Central Library. 


Website Host: National Taiwan University Library

National Union List of Serials

Website Host:    Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center, National Applied Research Laboratories.

Union Catalog of Rare Books Database

Website Host: National Central Library
In 1998, National Central Library published the Taiwan Area Rare Books Union Catalog, providing a record of rare books and general string-bound works in public collections in Taiwan. This publication has been expanded to include rare books in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Australian, and other overseas collections. Titled the Chinese Rare Book Catalog, it currently comprises over 760,000 bibliographies.
This database includes rare book bibliographies in Metadata format and presented in several core bibliographic field. Users can search for materials through 14 search values and both traditional and simplified search interfaces. Search results can be presented in detailed or summarized form. Moreover, to provide readers with access to a broader selection of rare books, the database allows for linked searches of rare books in mainland Chinese, Japanese, U.S., and Europe collections.

Cross-Straits Information Network

Website Host: Mainland Affairs Information and Research Center
The Cross-Straits Information Network integrates 13 on-site databases of MAC Catalog, Cross-Straits News Information Full Text Database, Newspaper/Journal Articles and Special Reports Database.  With a keyword and you will get related hits from books, newspapers and articles.  However, it's an intranet service and full texts can be retrieved only within the Center. You will get simple bibliographies on the internet.

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