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UST Interlibrary Loan

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The University System of Taiwan is a research-led university alliance consisting of National Central University, National Chengchi University, National Tsing Hua University, and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. The four school libraries collaborate on joint development and resources integration, which allows the UST members to enjoy the services and collections of all four libraries with one single account– another move toward academic excellence for UST.

  • Who Can Use UST Libraries Services?

  1. NCCU full time faculty, staff and students may enter UST Libraries by presenting NCCU ID Cards to access reading services and borrow books.

  • How to Activate Access?
    1. To activate and access UST Libraries services by presenting NCCU valid ID cards, the NCCU faculty, staff and students have to first complete signing the Statement of Patron's Privileges for both NCCU Libraries and for the UST Libraries, as well as read the terms and conditions for and allow your patron record to be added into other UST libraries systems. After activating your account, you can access reading services and borrow books from other UST member libraries. (Click here to activate the services)

    2. Your privileges will be suspended if you temporarily leave, graduate, withdrawal or resign from the Schools or violate any regulations of UST libraries.

  • UST Library Services
    1. ONEcard Interlibrary Services: NCCU full time faculty, staff, and students may enter other UST member libraries by merely presenting valid NCCU ID Cards to make book loans.Books checked out from any UST library may be returned to NCCU libraries.

    2. UST Interlibrary Circulation Services: NCCU full time faculty, staff, and students may request the UST Interlibrary Circulation Services by signing into My Library Account on Discovery System.

    3. UST Library Union Catalogue:UST Library Union Catalogue combines library catalog describing the collections of all UST member libraries and provides a one stop search through those 4 libraries’ collections.

    4. Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS): NCCU full time faculty, staff and students may request a UST interlibrary loan service via NDDS system without any charge.

    5. To activate UST libraries services, please firstly complete signing the Statement of Patron's Privileges. (Click here to activate service)

  • Borrowing Policy
    1. Loan Quota: 10 books.

    2. Loan Period: 30 days; the longest loan term: 60 days.

    3. Reservation Quota: 10 books.

    4. Renewal: You may renew an item with unlimited renewals up to 60 days if the item has not been reserved by another patron.

    5. Materials borrowed should be returned on time. Please refer to each library's policies on fines for overdue, damaged, or lost items.

    6. Overdue fines can be collected by any of UST member libraries. Your privileges won't be reactivated until the fines has been paid to the library that originally loaned a patron the overdue items.

    7. Any overdue items or fines must be returned or paid to the library who's loaned the items before you can be cleared for leaving school.

    8. For more information about UST interlibrary loan services, please refer to each library's policies and terms of use.

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