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Transfer or Donate Books / Materials

Q1. May I transfer the ownership of books or materials to the library?

Generally, the library does not accept the transfer. However, in the following circumstances, the library may accept the transfer of books or materials from the faculty:

  1. There is no record of the book/material in the library collection, and foreign language or Mainland Chinese books/materials that are difficult for the library to acquire or unable to purchase through distributors;
  2. The transferred books/materials must comply with the following principles:   
    • The book/material condition is good without any marks.
    • The book/material content should comply to the collection development policy of NCCU Library.
    • Relevant evidence of purchase must be provided, such as the original invoice, receipt, or credit card transaction record, foreign currency exchange rate, exchange table, etc.
  3. The amount of a single batch of transferred books/materials must not exceed NT$10,000.
  4. Faculty must fill out the “National Chengchi University Library Book Transfer Receipt”, and submit the receipt form with the transferred books/materials and evidence of purchase to the Resources Acquisition Section of the library.

For any questions on book/material transfer, please contact the Resources Acquisition Section (university extension number, 63001).


Q2. I would like to donate books/materials.

The library welcomes book/material donations from readers. If you would like to donate books/materials to the library, please confirm the condition of the books/materials, complete the Book Donation Agreement Form, and send the form and the donations to the Resources Acquisition Section or any information desk of the library during the service hours. The library will select, catalogue and collect the books/materials based on the library collection policy and the condition of the donated books/materials.

  1. Book donations process:    

    Resources Acquisition Section, National Chengchi University Library,

    No. 64, Sec. 2, Zhinan Road, Wenshan District,Taipei City 116011, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  2. Things to be noted while donating books/materials:    
    • The library reserves all rights to deal with the donated books, including collection, display, elimination, donation, or other processing methods.
    • Books/materials that fail to meet the teaching needs and library collection development policy, or those that are outdated or lack academic value are not acceptable.
    • Books/materials that are damaged or have notations, head notes, lines, etc., are not acceptable.
    • Books/materials that are parts of an incomplete set, except for those that can be used to complement the collection, are not acceptable.
    • Books/materials without copyright are not acceptable.
    • Principally, donated books/materials are not stored separately in the library.
  3. Donation contact:

     Resources Acquisition Section

     Tel: 886-2-2939-3091(# 62613 / 62018)

     Email: libbd@nccu.edu.tw

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