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Retrieving Room

Guide to Using the Internet Resources Retrieving Room

I. Locations:

Internet Resources Retrieving Rooms are available in the Main Library, the Commerce Library, the Social Sciences Library, and the Communication Library.

II. Facilities:
All libraries are equipped with desktop computers, printers and scanners. A poster printer is also available in the Main Library.

III. Who has access?

  1. Free access to those with campus affiliation.
  2. 50 NTD/HR for outside patrons; use under one hour is still charged as one hour.

IV. How to use:

  1. Book your seat at the Front Desk of each lab and comply with all the rules provided by the librarian; when necessary, the librarian has the right to ask parties to cease using all resources.
  2. Compliance with Intellectual Property Rights is required.
  3. Please use all facilities with care.
  4. Electronic resources and scanned images may be sent by e-mail; should you need to save files, a storage device is available for purchase at the Front Desk.

V. Should printing or file-saving be required, the price list for printing or storage device is as follows:

  1. Black-and-white laser printer: 1NTD/A4.
  2. Color laser printer: 5NTD/A4.
  3. Poster printer (available only in the Main Library):
    • 80NTD/A2-size
    • 150NTD/A1-size
    • 250NTD/A0-size
  4. The same charges apply to mistakes in printing.
  5. 6NTD per floppy disk, 5NTD per CD-Rom, 10NTD per DVD R

VI. Booking a seat for Internet Resources Retrieving Room

Access to all facilities inside the Internet Resources Retrieving Room requires a Library Card; the labs in all libraries are currently monitored by the seat-booking system; users need only follow the following steps for access to information facilities inside the Library.

1.  Choose an available seat (black icon) on the monitor upon entering. This is an image
2. Place your Library Card over the sensor. This is an image
3. Finish selection, find your seat and you may start. This is an image
4. When leaving, place your Library Card over the sensor to cancel your seat. This is an image

Contact Number: 02-29393091

  • Main Library Reference Services Section: Ext. 63182
  • Social Sciences Library: Ext. 50106
  • Commerce Library: Ext. 84006
  • Communication Library: Ext. 67152

【Regulations】Guidelines for All Information Equipment Service

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