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Retrieving Room

Guide to Using the Internet Resources Retrieving Room

I. Location of computer classrooms:

 4th floor of Dah Hsian Library, Commerce Library Branch, Social Sciences Library Branch, and Communication Library Branch.

II. Facilities:

  • Each library provides desktop computers, scanners, electronic payment printers, coin-operated printers, and central computing rechargeable printers.
  • Dah Hsian Library Information Classroom A has 4 dual-screen/2 triple-screen desktop computers, equipped with dedicated graphics cards for complex computing and graphic design use.
  • Information Classrooms B and C have teaching broadcast systems, as well as projection and amplification equipment. In addition to free computer use, they also offer classes on the library's database.

III. Who can use it?

Anyone who holds a valid IC card issued by our university (student ID, faculty ID, alumni ID) can use the computer classrooms by swiping their card to reserve a seat. For those with other types of IDs, please inquire at the service desk of each library (4th floor service desk at Dah Hsian Library).

IV. How to use:

  • Please reserve a seat at the information retrieval classroom or related service desk, and comply with all regulations as instructed by the librarians. If necessary, the librarians may request a temporary suspension of use.
  • Please respect intellectual property rights when using the computers.
  • Please handle the computers and peripherals with care. For inquiries about electronic resources, scanning image files, or other self-edited documents, please be responsible for saving them yourself. When you leave your seat, the computer will restart, and the previous files will not be recoverable.

V. If you need to print, please refer to the following charging method:

  • Black and white printer: NT$1 per sheet for A4 size.
  • Color printer: NT$5 per sheet for A4 size.
  • Payment is required even if there is a printing error.
  • Starting from 2022, electronic payment printers are available for cloud printing services.
    • You can add the Line friend @977mthuv or email 123cloudprint@gmail.com to share the PDF files you want to print to the cloud.
    • Then you can pay and collect the printouts at the main library, Dah Hsian Library, or any branch library.

VI. Information Classroom Seat Reservation System User Guide:

  • Seat reservation: Click on the position of the "black computer icon" on the screen, and when the small window pops up, swipe your card.
  • Swipe your card to take a seat: Place your valid school identification card on the card reader, and when the "black computer icon" turns into a "red computer icon," it indicates that the swipe is successful. Please take your seat according to the assigned seat number.
  • Swipe to release seat when leaving: Before leaving, swipe your card to release the seat (no need to click on the seat icon), and the computer will restart to clear your usage record, ensuring the security of your personal information.



Contact Number: 02-29393091

  • Dah Hsian Library: Ext. 77057
  • Social Sciences Library: Ext. 50106
  • Commerce Library: Ext. 84006
  • Communication Library: Ext. 67152


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