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Library Instruction

I. Instruction for Faculty
NCCU Library provides two kinds of tutorial programs for faculty to easily understand the use of the library resources.
  • Individual support and consultation
Faculty are welcome to request the Library to provide in their office. This program lasts about an hour and will help you better understand basic library resources and services.
Please make an appointment one week in advance by filling out the Request form and email it to libnews@nccu.edu.tw or by calling 02-82377066.
  • Classes and Tutorials
Librarians are available to meet with your students in your classroom, online or in any teaching labs for hands-on research instruction tailored to your needs. This course ranges from 1 to 2 hours and will help students improve their information literacy skills.  Please make an appointment 2 weeks in advance by calling 02-82377066.
II. Instruction for Students
The Library offers a variety of instructional services aimed at helping students become more adept at accessing, retrieving, evaluating, using and enjoying information sources in the NCCU libraries and beyond.
  • Library Tours
​You can get a quick understanding of the library environment through the Library's website. To make effective use of library resources, you can book a guided tour of the library and service introduction session.
【Reservation】 Please make an appointment two weeks in advance.
Contact 02-82377066
  • Training in Information Retrieval
The libraries offer training in information retrieval for the students. This includes: 
- Knowing about different types of resources
- How to locate specific topic of interests
- How to find and retrieve relevant databases
- How to identify search words and search strategy
 Those training programs will be announced on the Library website and you may locate and get enrolled at NCCU Enrollment Services System.
  • Request for a Training Program
A group of more than 5 graduate students may request for a training program which may last for 2 hours. 
Please make an appointment two weeks in advance by downloading and filling out the Request Form and email to libnews@nccu.edu.tw or calling 02-82377066. 
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