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TOCs/SDI Services

Table of Contents (TOCs) and Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) Services
TOCs and SDI services are available to students, academic staff and administrative staff of equivalent status.

  • TOCs (NCCU Faculty Only )

Table of contents services (TOCs) provide faculty with access to the table of contents for particular journals of interests each time an issue is published. If the library subscribe to the online journal, go to the online edition and follow the directions provided under headings such as "alerts" or "e-mail alerts." If the library does NOT subscribe to the online journal, you will receive table of contents in PDF via e-mail. 

For more information, please contact the Circulation Desk of the Main Library at 02-29393091 #63052 or email to libper@nccu.edu.tw

  • SDI

SDI is a personal current awareness service providing faculty and students with the latest publications on a specified research topic. Go to the databases of your interests and register for an account.  Once a search profile is created and saved, relevant information will be sent to you automatically whenever the selected databases are updated.

Database Collections

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