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Apply For a Group Visit


  1. Those who meet any of the following requirements are eligible to apply for a visit:
    1. NCCU faculty and students
    2. Guests received by NCCU
    3. Librarians or Library Information Science professors and students
    4. Student groups led by teachers from senior high schools or universities

The visitors' age must comply with the Rules for the Use of NCCU Libraries.

  1. Library Tour Service Time

Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 11:30 am and from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

  1. The number of visitors must be 5 people or more. To maintain a quiet library atmosphere, groups cannot exceed 50 people at any given time or 100 people in total for the day.
  2. Please apply with an official letter at least two weeks prior to the tour date.
  3. Others
    1. If multiple groups apply for guided tours during the same time slot, priority will be given to the group that submits the application first. The library may adjust arrangements based on manpower availability.
    2. After completing the application process, if there are circumstances causing delay or inability to attend, please notify the library in advance to facilitate operations. Failure to inform will result in the application not being processed for six months.
    3. The applying unit should arrange for at least one personnel familiar with the business to accompany the visit, assisting in maintaining order.
    4. During the guided tour, if there is a need for photography, please adhere to relevant regulations such as copyright laws, reader privacy rights, and portrait rights. Please turn off the shutter sound and flash, and avoid taking pictures directly of readers. For photography needs outside of the guided tour period, please follow the library's regulations regarding photography within the premises.

Once the items above are confirmed, please complete the Group Visit Application Form to apply.

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