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Apply For a Group Visit

National Chengchi University Group Visit and Guided Tour Services Guideline


1.Those who meet any of the following requirements may apply for a visit

(1)NCCU faculty and students.

(2)NCCU dignitaries and guests.

(3)Groups led by library practitioners or Library Information Science professors.

(4)Student groups led by teachers from public or private high schools or university.

The visitors' age must be abide by the Rules for the Use of NCCU Libraries.

2.Service Time

Monday to Friday from 9am to 11:30pm and from 13:30 pm to 16:30pm.

3.The number of visitors must exceed 5 people and above. To maintain a quiet library atmosphere, groups altogether cannot exceed 50 people at a time and 100 people for the day.

4.Please apply 2 weeks prior the tour date with an official letter.


(1)The group submit the application earlier has priority over the goup submit the application later when there are duplicate visit dates.

(2)If applicant is unable to show up after the application process has been completed , the applicant must notify the library early.

(3)Visiting groups must arrange at least one person to maintain order.

(4)Please turn your cameras into mute mode and turn off the flash lights before taking pictures during the group tour and please don’t focus on aspecific people in the library.

Once the items above are confirmed, please fill in the Group Visit Application Form to apply.

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