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Search Dissertations

01.How do I use NCCU Library catalog to search for hard-copy dissertations?

You may search from the NCCU Library Catalog, using the author's name, book/periodical title, keyword or topic and limit the scope of search to “dissertations.” In this way, you may find the relevant material that you want.


02.How can I make a search for foreign language dissertations?

1. From the library's Homepage->Search->ElectronicResources->DatabaseDirectory->Browse by Type->Theses & Dissertations->click on databases for doctoral dissertations or master's theses(e.g.,: Digital Dissertation Collection Alliance, PQDT, etc.)to search for the full texts or titles of relevant dissertations. 

2. Link to the  library catalog to check if the dissertation is stored in the library. 

3. All foreign language dissertations are stored  in compact shelves.  Please fill  online applications for closed stacks retrieval services.

4. If the dissertation is not available at the library, please check if the dissertation is available at any of the local or foreign libraries using the catalogue retrieval system for master's theses and doctoral dissertations via the "National Document Delivery Service"and apply for inter-library loan online to obtain the full text.

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