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Graduation / Dissertation Notices

Before approving your application, please make sure you have returned all the library materials and paid overdue fines. If you’ve requested any interlibrary loan services, please make sure all copies of documents are paid and collected and your account is cleared.

Students intending to graduate must complete the library procedures described below:

  • Undergraduate Students

Please log into the Graduation Checklist System to apply for a review of your library account. If you have returned all borrowed materials and paid overdue fines, the remark in the corresponding column for the library will be “Cleared”, and the Library will approve your application. If the remark in the corresponding column for the library is “Not Cleared”, take the form to the circulation desk of the Main Library, Commerce Library, Social Sciences Library, or the Communication Library and complete the procedure in person.

  • Graduate Students

​Step 1. Submit your eThesis

  1. Combine and convert the thesis into single PDF file.

  2. Log into the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Service system (ETDS), fill out the basic information of your thesis and submit.

  3. Copyright License Authorization

  • Once the thesis obtain approval from oral defense committees and two copies of printed theses have been submitted to the Library, the thesis will be regarded as a NCCU's archive and consequently will be no longer possible to make a change or replacement.

  • Once you have granted the copyright authorization, any alteration is no longer possible.

Step 2. Thesis Binding

  1. The library will take 3 working days to examine the uploaded files. If the content and format comply with all requirements, the system will automatically send an approval e-mail to you. Print out the Copyright License Agreement, sign and bind it in the printed version.

  2. A printed copy should contain a title page, Copyright License Agreement, signatures of thesis committee members, the list of contents, abstract, the main body of the thesis and bibliographies/references, watermark .

  3. The cover must contain your program, the full title of your thesis, the advisor’s name, your full name and year of graduation.

  4. ​On the spine, there should be your program, thesis title, name and year of graduation. 

Step 3. Submit Your  Thesis to the Library

Submit two copies of the thesis with the email confirmation and “Application Form for Graduation” from  Graduation Checklist System to the Library.



  • The Library privileges and the right to use e-resources will be terminated upon the completion of graduation procedure. To keep your borrowing privileges, please apply for a NCCU Alumni Card at NCCU Alumni Service Center.

  • For more information about graduation procedures, please call 02-29393091 and ask for extension 63222 (Main Library), ext.84006 (Commerce Library), ext.50106 (Social Science Library), ext.67152 (Communication Library); for information about submitting thesis, please call the Administration Section at extension 62611.

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