Borrowing Guidelines

NCCU Library's circulation policies are designed to permit prompt and equitable access to library materials. It designed to maximize access to the collections by motivating users to return materials on time so that they are available for other borrowers. The staff at circulation service desks are focused on meeting the research needs of the library's readers. Feel free to contact library staff if you have any questions. We are here for you. A NCCU photo ID must be presented on entrance in order to use the Library's facilities and collections .

Loan Periods

Circulation privileges are automatically accorded to those holding valid NCCU photo identification cards with a current validation sticker.

  • Faculty、Staff、 Graduate students 、Researcher May borrow have up to fifty books for a eight-week calendar days period.

  • Undergraduate students May borrow have up to thirty books for a four-week calendar days period.

  • non-NCCU researchers( must register )May borrow have up to five books for a two-week calendar days period.

It is important to check due dates and times marked on materials. It is the reader's responsibility to know when material is due.

Library Notice

As a courtesy, due date reminders are sent to the e-mail address in your library account. Make sure you have an e-mail address listed in your library account. Please notify the library if you move, and update your e-mail address if it changes.

Library account

Link your barcode and set up a PIN this will allow you to use Web services. You can check your library record, renew books and modify your personal information on the Web.

Overdue & Fines

It is important to check due dates and times marked on materials. It is the reader's responsibility to know when material is due. As a courtesy, overdue notices are sent to your e-mail address if there is no e-mail address in your library account. Failure to receive a notice does not exempt you from fines. Fines and billing charges are assessed to encourage prompt return of materials. The following are generally not regarded as valid reasons for cancelling or reducing library charges:

  • not knowing the library rules or the amount of fines,

  • claiming your need was greater than another's

  • being too busy

  • being out of town

  • uncertainty about the due date

  • failing to receive an overdue notice

  • failing to read your e-mail

There is a three-day grace period. Fines are assessed beginning the 4th day. An item becomes overdue at the rate of NT$5 per day. UP to NT$1000 maximum overdue fine , Example:









The 2nd after overdue day

The 3th after overdue day

Overdue day books will be fined till the fourth day , the fine is 20 NTD

The 5th day, after ovrdueday, the fine is 25 NTD

The 6th day after ovrdueday, the fine is 30 NTD









Unpaid fines and charges may result in suspension of borrowing privilegesone, or graduation .The Library circulation desk accepts fines by cash.


Lost Book Fees

When you think you have lost a NCCULibrary item which is out on loan to you. what you should do?

Reserve & Hold

A service provided by the Library where a patron can put a " hold " on an item which is checked out to another patron. When the item is returned it will be held at the Circulation Desk . you will get e-mail from the library to inform you. Then, you should go to the library to check out the itemss in one week, or the items will be moves to the next person.


Patron may renew the books two time online, over half of the due day, if no other person reserves. Renewals must be done ON OR BEFORE the due date. Readers may renew books online by using the Your Library Account . Books may also be renewed by presenting them at the circulation desk.

Books Not Found in the Stacks

If you cannot locate an item in the stacks and it is not checked out, you may request that a search be performed by completing a trace request form, available at the Circulation Desk or. A full trace for a missing book may take as long as two weeks, many of these books are found. You will be notified of the results of the request.

Lost Books

When you think you have lost a NCCU Library item which is out on loan to you. Firstly make sure it is definitely lost. We suggest that you have a good look around your home, office and car. Once you have established that the book is definitely lost, you should report the loss to the circulations desk of the library from which you borrowed the book.

Lost books attract a minimum replacement charge of 3 times of the book price .You are still liable for the overdue fine, depending on how promptly you report the loss to the library.

You have the option of replacing a lost book yourself. If you elect to do this you are still liable for the NT$100. processing fee. a replacement must be the same edition or a newer edition .A second-hand replacement must be in excellent condition.

a replacement must be delivered within one calendar month . The final charge will be: overdue fine for number of days overdue + NT$100 processing fee (the maximum overdue fine is NT$1000).