NCCU Library


Can I transfer the ownership of books and materials to the library?

Generally, the library does not accept the transfer of the ownership of books. Unless otherwise stated in the following circumstances, the library may accept the transfer of books from faculty:

  1. There is no record of the book in the library collection, and foreign language or Mainland Chinese books that are difficult for the library to acquire or unable to purchase through a distributor; 
  2. The transferred books must comply with the following principles: 
    (1) Books must be in good condition with no head notes or special notations; 
    (2) They must conform with the library’s collection policy; 
    (3) Relevant proof of purchase must be provided, such as the original invoice, receipt, or credit card transaction record, foreign currency exchange rate, exchange table, etc;
  3. The amount of a single batch of transferred books must not exceed NT$10,000.
  4. Faculty must fill out the “National Chengchi University Library Book Transfer Receipt” when making the transfer, and submit together with the book and proof of purchase to the Acquisition and Cataloguing Division of the library.
  5. For any questions on book transfer, please contact university extension number 62611 for foreign-language books, and 67140 for Chinese-language books.