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Information Services and Facilities Use Policy

Guidelines for All Information Equipment Services of National Cheng-Chi University Libraries

Established by the 219th Executive Report Meeting on October 22, 2003.
Amended and approved by the 232nd Executive Report Meeting on October 5, 2004.
Amended and approved by the 283rd Executive Report Meeting on April 15, 2008.
Amended and approved by the 312rd Executive Report Meeting on April 13, 2010

I. These Guidelines were formulated by the National Cheng-Chi University Libraries (hereinafter referred to as the "Libraries") on the principle of "user pays", with a view to promote effective use of all information equipment in the Libraries.
II. The services referred to herein include database retrieval service, microform information service, file scanning service, large plotter printing service, etc.
III. Opening hours:The opening hours are announced by notices of the relevant branch.
IV. The service targets include users from inside and outside the University:

(I) Users from inside the University: users with valid ID issued by the University or the Libraries.
(II) Users from outside the University: people from outside the University.

V. Instructions for users:

(I) Each user shall first register at the Counter and is allowed to use the equipment for a maximum period of 1 hour, which may be extended only when there are no other users waiting; when necessary, the librarian may suspend the use of the equipment.
(II) The user shall be cautious and careful while operating the equipment and inquire the librarian at the Counter about any unfamiliar operations rather than change the settings or take down the hardware equipment without authorization.
(III) The user shall respect the intellectual property rights while copying or printing the information. The Libraries are entitled to forbid anyone who is proved to have violated the relevant regulations to use the equipment and the user involved shall bear the relevant legal responsibilities.
(IV) The Libraries provide information equipment mainly for the users to retrieve electronic resources, microfilm information and other academic recourses, with scanning restricted to the collection thereof. It is forbidden to use the equipment for online chatting, browsing pornographic websites or malicious attacks.
(V) The large plotter is restricted to printing A2 size or larger posters.

VI. Charges:

(I) Users from inside the University may use information equipment in the Libraries free of charge, whereas users from outside the University shall be charged NT$50 per hour of use (a period of less than one hour will be counted as 1 hour.)
(II) Printing charges for different equipment is as follows:

1. Computers in the Internet Information Retrieval Room: NT$1 for each page (A4 black and white) (laser printer)
2. Microfilm readers:

User from (entity) inside the University: NT$2 for each A4 sheet; NT$4 for each A3 page;
User from (entity) outside the University: NT$4 for each A4 sheet; NT$8 for each A3 page.

3. Scanning and printing of colour files: NT$5 for each A4 sheet; NT$15 for each A3 page (ink jet printer);
4. Colour ink jet plotter service:

User from (entity) inside the University: NT$250 for each A0 sheet; NT$150 for each A1 sheet; NT$80 for each A2 sheet;
User from (entity) outside the University: NT$400 for each A0 sheet; NT$200 for each A1 sheet; NT$160 for each A2 sheet.

(III) In consideration of the costs incurred, the users shall be charged as is provided herein in spite of any errors in printing.
(IV) The electronic resources retrieved and scanned files may be sent by Email. The user who requests to save them on a disc will be charged NT$6 for each magnetic disc, NT$5 for each CD-R or NT$10 for each DVD-R.

VII. These Guidelines and the amendments thereof shall be promulgated after being approved by the Executive Report Meeting of the Libraries.