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Social Sciences Lib.

The planning for the Social Sciences Library started in 1997, and the official opening was on 2001/3/16. Located on 1F, 2F, and the North-wing Basement, the Social Sciences Library has three floors housing 30 years worth of materials regarding the College of Social Sciences, College of Law, and College of International. It is a branch of the NCCU Library and is managed by a staff dispatched by the latter. The Branch Library is a facility dedicated to serving its visitors, assisting in research and education, and integrating learning with leisure.

The materials available here include books and current/back-issue periodicals in Chinese and Western languages, newspapers in Chinese and foreign languages, and audio-video materials. With funding from the school, the collection continues to expand. In addition, the Social Sciences Library also provides services regarding course reserves, educational optical disks, online resource searching, Internet access, music and film collections.

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