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E-mail Notification Service

The Library sends out notifications to patrons via e-mail regarding the circulation of library material. To ensure e-mail notifications are properly received, please check your e-mail box for available volume, check the spam list so that e-mails from the Library are not rejected, and confirm your personal circulation status on a regular basis. Failure to receive or loss of e-mail notifications due to force majeure on the Internet may not be used as an excuse to cancel overdue fines or extend loan periods.

There are five types of notifications:

  1. Item-due Notice (three days beforehand): This notice lists only borrowed items due in three days’ time, so renew or return the designated items promptly.

  2. Item-due Notice (one day beforehand): This notice lists all borrowed items for you to confirm the following: items due soon (renew or return all such items promptly), or items already overdue (return these items as soon as possible; such items cannot be renewed).

  3. Overdue Notice: This notice is to inform you that the item you have borrowed is currently overdue; material returned past the “due date” are charged 5NTD per day per item, so please return all overdue items as soon as possible. A first overdue notice is delivered on the second day after the due date, with the Library granting a three-day grace period (overdue fines continue to accumulate), and a second overdue notice is delivered on the fourth day after the due date; if all late items are returned within three days, no overdue fine will be charged; if late items are returned on the fourth day or later, overdue fines commence at 20NTD, with an extra 5NTD per each extra late day; after the second overdue notice, the system will continue to deliver overdue notices every 7 days (up to 4 times), for a total of 6 overdue notices maximum.

  4. Notice of Arrival of Reserved Item: This notice is to inform you that the item you reserved is already on the Reserve Shelf; please come to the Library to pick up the reserved material at your earliest convenience.

  5. Notice for Reserved Item to be Returned: This notice is to inform you that the item you borrowed has been reserved by another library patron, so please return the item as soon as possible.

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