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Borrow/ PhotocopyAid (NCCU Campus only)

Inter-Site Loan and Inter-Site Copy Services

  • Inter-Site Loan

  1. If the book you need is held by a branch library too far away, you can make an inter-site loan request for that item.

  2. To request an item, please fill out the Inter-Site Loan Request Form and provide the bibliographic infromation as much detailed as possible. The processing fee for each book is NT$20.

  3. It will take two working days to arrive or an e-mail will be sent to you if there's any reason for being unable to supply.

  4. You will get an e-mail when each item is ready for collection. The book will be held for 3 days at the Circulation Desk of designated Library and will be returned to original library if it is not checked out within the 3 days. The processing fee won't be in such case refunded. 

  • Inter-Site Copy Service

  1. To save the time of the reader and to improve our service quality, inter-site copy service is available to valid users and is used to obtain copies of journal articles which are held in other branch libraries, Social Sciences Information Center and Institute of International Relations Library on campus. 

  2. To request a copy, fill out the application form and provide the details of the article you want copying, including journal title, article title, author and volume number, etc.. Articles will be scanned under the copyright law and supplied to you via your e-mail address.

  3. There is a charge of NT$80 per scanned article within 20 pages. For those exceeding 20 pages, an additional NT$3 will be charged per page. 

  4. A prepayment of NT$100, however, is required of those unable to anticipate the acutal number of pages to be scanned. Any overpayment will be refunded and a supplemental payment will be charged for deficiencies.

  5. Please check your e-mail regularly after requesting an article. We will inform you if there's any problem locating the items, or to send or e-mail you the requested items within 5 working days.

  6. Applicant should personally pick up the articles with the receipt after receiving notification from the Library. The copy will be held for 7 working days and there is no refund for those who are unabel to collect the items before the due date.



【Contact Information】Circulation Desk of Main Library: 02-29393091Ext. 63222

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