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Brief History of the Library: Changes (1970s ~ 1980s)


        In earlier years, most departments had departmental reading room primarily to support for use of students of affiliated departments. Newspaper Reading Room, Law Reading Room and the Reading Room of College of Liberal Arts kept books on closed shelves then and students could only check out a book based on bibliographic records of index cards by filling out a request form.

      Considering that library materials were been scattered around the campus site, the former President Yuan-Cu Li determined to build a new library with an aim to have all materials centralized and coordinated to provide users with better library services.  

      On May 20, 1977, celebrating the University's 50th anniversary, the new Main Library was opened by former Vice President Jia-Gan Yan. The 5-story concrete building, characterized by the Chinese word 「壽」(“Shou” , longevity in meaning) in architectural appearance, had the area of 14,400 square meters and a featured court yard to maintain the comforts in terms of light and ventilation. The Modular structure and One-Room design made interior partitions more practical and flexible. At the time of completion, the NCCU Library was the largest University Library in Taiwan.

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        Completed in 1962, the Newspaper Reading Room, located on the 2nd floor of Journalism Building, held materials in closed stacks and primarily provided services to the Department of Journalism. In 1972, the users were allowed to check out books. In 1976, the Reading Room had a Reference Area. In 1977, the Reading Room was merged into and managed by the Main Library.

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        In 1982, the Reading Room was renovated and became an open-stack library allowing its patrons to enter the stacks to browse for themselves.  It contained over ten thousands of books, 100 kinds of periodicals and 14 Chinese or English newspapers. In 1990, the College of Communication was founded and the Reading Room was relocated to the 3rd floor of the College. In 1993, it was renamed to the “Communication Library” that is still in use.

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