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Rules Governing the use of the Library

NCCU Libraries Rules Governing the use of the Library


I. National Chenchi University (referred to hereinafter as "NCCU") Libraries formulated Rules Governing the use of the Library ( referred to hereinafter as the "Rules") in order to provide an ideal environment and better serve all users.
II. Students, faculty and staff of NCCU, or visitors over 18 years old are admitted to NCCU libraries (referred to hereafter as the "Libraries") and are subject to comply with the Rules.
III. Patrons are required to present their valid library cards when checking out library materials. For more information about application of NCCU library cards, please refer to Article 2 of National Chenchi University Libraries Rules of Circulation.
IV. Members of NCCU and of affiliated institutions are required to present their eligible library cards or ID cards upon entering the Libraries. Visitors may apply for Visitor Passes with valid national ID cards, driver's licenses, student ID cards or passports for people from foreign countries.
V. In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for reading, learning and other library activities, the Libraries require all patrons to comply with the rules and regulations of the Libraries. Those who violate the above regulations shall be dealt with according to Guidelines for Dealing with Violations of Rules.
VI. The above Rules and amendments thereof take effect after the approval of NCCU Library Committee.