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“2010.05.12” The number of copies of theses/dissertations uploaded this year: As of January-April 2010 : 307 copies of postgraduate theses/dissertations have been uploaded and approved .

"2010.01.18" The “digital version of thesis/dissertation uploading instruction” is accessible online! Welcome to use it.

"2009.10.30" Attention to all graduating graduate students! In order to simplify the theses/dissertation uploading process, the system accepts one PDF file for every thesis/dissertation since November 2009. Please save your thesis/dissertation into a single file before uploading to the system. Thank you for your cooperation.

According to the Ministry of Education’s instruction, theses and dissertations should be available for public reference in order to improve academic communication. Please set a reasonable time limit if you want to delay the disclosure of your thesis/dissertation. This limit should not exceed five years. Theses/dissertations should not be permanently undisclosed.

According to the resolution of the first Academic Affairs Meeting of the first semester on September 22nd, 2007,
Once the thesis/dissertation is passed after the officiating examiner’s evaluation and sent to the library, it will be considered as the library’s record, thereby changing and replacing of the record is disallowed. For the matter of authorization, once the authorization is granted to the library, any further alteration is disallowed


Small Reminder:
Before login to the system, please download thesis/dissertation watermark from “Download ” Area first, carefully read the “Submit Instructions”, to avoid possible errors during the process.
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