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Thesis/Dissertation Editing Advices

1) Editing Software

Microsoft Word is recommended for editing the thesis/dissertation, and save as a Word file (*.doc).
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  1. To prevent the original fonts from not displaying in the converted PDF file, we recommend that you use the following fonts:
  2. Chinese Font – 標楷體, 細明體, 新細明體

English Font – Times New Roman, Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Bookman Old Style, Comic Sans Ms, Courier New

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3)Special Symbols
  • When inserting special symbols, please make sure you use the Symbol Font.
  • If the symbol you need does not exist in the Symbol Font, you are recommended to use Microsoft Equation Tool to insert the required symbol when editing an Word document.
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4)Image File Formats
    • To prevent errors from taking place during file converting, please use the following image file formats:
    1. *.jpg
    2. *.gif
    3. *.tiff
    4. *.bmp
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5)Check Thesis/Dissertation File

  • Please run an anti-virus software through the original electronic thesis/dissertation file to make sure it does not contain any virus.
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6)Confirm Thesis/Dissertation File

Please confirm that the electronic thesis/dissertation file contains the complete contents of the paper copy, including title page, Chinese and English abstracts, charts and table of contents, main body, bibliography and appendices, and check if that the content and page coding in the electronic files are consistent with those of the paper copy thesis/dissertation.

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