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Thesis/Dissertation Submission Notices

(I) Thesis/Dissertation Submission Norms
  1. Pursuant to the resolution of the second Academic Affairs Meeting of the first semester of school year 2006.
  2. Submit two deluxe bound paper copies of degree thesis/dissertation to the Administration Section at the NCCU Library.
  3. Postgraduate students should login to “National Cheng Chi University Theses and Dissertations Full-text Imaging System” for file creation and upload the electronic thesis/dissertation file.
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(II) Online File Creation Reminders

  1. After you have passed the oral defense and confirmed that the content of your thesis/dissertation is revised correctly, save your thesis as a file, convert your file to PDF, insert the watermark and set the security configuration.(For detailed map, please refer to “Thesis/Dissertation PDF Converting Instructions”
  2. Log into “National Cheng Chi University Theses and Dissertations Full-text Imaging System” ( for file creation, and upload electronic thesis/dissertation files(For detailed map, please refer to “System Login for File Creation and Uploading Instructions”
  3. Please note that the electronic thesis/dissertation you have submitted is considered the same as your paper copy thesis/dissertation, so please double check to confirm that the contents in the electronic version is complete and accurate.

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(III) Letter of Authorization

Once the file creation of thesis/dissertation is completed and information entered, and the electronic thesis/dissertation uploaded, print out the Letter of Authorization online. Do confirm if the authorization options are correct, before sign in the National Cheng Chi University Letter of Authorization for Theses and Dissertations Full Text, and bound it with the paper copy thesis/dissertation after the title page.

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(IV) Approved Notification
  1. Once the file creation is completed, the Library will take two working days to verify the files and make sure that there are no errors, and the system will automatically send off an email to you containing the approved notification.
  2. Please sign this “National Cheng Chi University Theses and Dissertations Approved Notification and Letter of Authorization for Full Text” (not to be bound with the thesis/dissertation), submit it to the NCCU Library along with two deluxe bound paper copies of thesis/dissertation for reference. You must have this form when proceeding with the leave-school procedure to prove that you have completed the file creation in the University system and that it has been approved by the Library.
  3. Unapproved notification will be send to those who fail to pass the verification, please revise any errors as soon as possible upon receiving the notification, so as not to affect the time required for your graduation procedure.

For questions regarding file creation and uploading electronic thesis/dissertation, please contact the Information Section at the Social Science Information Center
Contact Person: Chao, Su-mei (02)29393091 ext.62942, 62950, 62920

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