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Knowledge Domain Graph

In 2020, we have further refined our services by launching " Dedicated Subject Services 2.0 – Supporting Faculty Research and Teaching through Knowledge Domain Graph". The contents of the service include:

A. The analysis of academic output in specific fields of Chinese and Western databases from 2010 to 2019, based on the Taiwan Citation Index (TCI-HSS) for Taiwan publication data, and SCOPUS for international publication data. The analysis includes : Related documents Graph; (2) List of Prolific journals; (3) List of frequently cited journals; (4) List of Prolific authors.

B. Vosviewer software is used to analyze the co-occurrence relationship of keywords in the past three years (2018-2020), which generates Network Visualization and Overlay Visualization results. The results can be used to present the relationship between various keywords in a specific field, to broaden and deepen researchers’ academic territory.

Faculty members looking to research a specific theme are invited to connect with our Subject Librarians. They can provide a tailored analysis report based on your research needs.



College of Education

College of Education_SCOPUS_TCI

College of Foreign Languages

and Literature

Department of European Language and Culture_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Turkish Language and Culture_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Korean Language and Culture_SCOPUS_TCI
BA Program in Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures_SCOPUS_TCI
Graduate Institute of Linguistics__SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Japanese_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of English_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Arabic Language and Culture_SCOPUS_TCI

College of Liberal Arts

Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature_SCOPUS_TCI
Graduate Institute of Taiwan History_SCOPUS_TCI
Master's & Doctor's Program in Teaching Chinese as Second Language_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Chinese Literature_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of History_SCOPUS_TCI
Graduate Institute of Religious Studies_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Philosophy_SCOPUS_TCI
Graduate Institute of Library, Information and Archival Studies_SCOPUS_TCI

College of Science

Department of Mathematical Sciences_SCOPUS
Department of Psychology_SCOPUS_TCI
Institute of Neuroscience_SCOPUS
Graduate Institute of Applied Physics_SCOPUS

College of Social Sciences

Department of Ethnology_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Sociology_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Economics_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Land Economics_SCOPUS_TCI
International Master's Program in International Studies_SCOPUS_TCI
Graduate Institute of Social Work_SCOPUS_TCI
Graduate Institute of Labor Research_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Political Science_SCOPUS_TCI

Land and human rights and Urban planning_SCOPUS_TCI
Real estate management and green building_SCOPUS_TCI

Agricultural land use_SCOPUS_TCI 

Remote sensing image classification and deep learning_SCOPUS_TCI

College of Law

Department of Law_SCOPUS_TCI

College of Commerce

Department of Risk Management and Insurance_SCOPUS_TCI
Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of International Business_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Money and Banking__SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Statistics_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Business Administration_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Finance_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Accounting_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Magement Information System_SCOPUS_TCI

College of Communication

Department of Radio & Television_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Advertising_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Journalism_SCOPUS_TCI

College of International Affairs

Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies_SCOPUS_TCI
Department of Diplomacy_SCOPUS_TCI

Middle East international relations_SCOPUS_TCI

College of informatics

College of informatics

 Department of Computer Science_SCOPUS

International College of Innovation

International College of Innovation_SCOPUS


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