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Exhibition note in Classic Collection Corner

Exhibition note in Classic Collection Corner

Applicant unit


Contact the person in charge(at least 20 days before)

Planning the exhibition

Check the statue and location of books for exhibition


If books have been borrowed, contact the person in charge

Contact Branch Libraries

Go to the library and get the books(a week before opening) 
1.Books in Main Library: give to the person in charge 
2.Books in Branch Libraries: give to the Branch Librarian

Deliver books from Branch Libraries to the person in charge


Additional management on system

Provide the website news
Provide posters 
Provide brochures


Pose news on Library website
Provide poster boards

Arrangement for the exhibition (the day before opening)

Help for the exhibition



The day after ending:
1.Books belong to Main Library: send to Books Arrangement Area
2.Books belong to Branch Libraries: place in addition
3.Take posters away

Follow-up processing


Note:If you want to display something doesn’t belong to the Library, we won’t assume the responsibility, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Please contact Mr. Wang 
TEL:extention number 62403