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Websites for Topics

The Research Quickstart is co-edited by the Library and project execution units to provide an in-depth introduction and related resources on specific topics. It will help you to get into your research in an easier and a quicker way.

Green Industry-Theme Book Fair, NCCU Commerce Library
Theme: Green Industry
Exhibition Date: 2009/5/11-2009/5/25
Venue: NCCU Commerce Library
The book fair had ended on May 25th,2009.  The website, however, still provides a brief introduction on Green Industry and links to books and websites of the topic.
Creativity Education Research Program
This platform provides research project reports on Creativity Education, a medium term pioneering experimental project supported by the Minister of Education Advisory Office.
Full texts of 3 years research proposals and final reports could be accessed by clicking on the linkage. The printed versions are stacked in rare book storage and can be requested online.
Thesaurus Database-Business, Education, and Computer Science
NCCU Library builds a thesaurus by reviewing and organizing subject terms in business, education and computer science and provides direct links to bibliographic records of library catalogue on the same or related subjects.  This was an achievement of the Medium Term Development Project on Creativity Education supported by Ministry of Education Advisory Office.
Subject Reading Lists
To display the collection features, each of the Communication Library, Commerce Library and Social Sciences Library has selected 10 must-read books on the specific topic listed below.
Communication Library: Mass Communication
Commerce Library: Financial Statement
Social Sciences Library: Economics
Works by Winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature
This website provides the list of Nobel laureates in literature and links to bibliographic records of their works in Library collection. The user may also log on Literature Resource Center Database to explore more about the works of past recipients.
The Archive of Modern Continental Philosophy
The establishment of the Basic Research Center for Philosophy, a 4-year project conducted from 1990 through 1993 by The Department of Philosophy, was with an aim to collect as many monographs as possible to enrich library collection in modern continental philosophy, to edit an Index-Catalogue containing periodical, series and theses resources of related subjects and besides, to build a website of philosophy pages.  
Core Collection of American Studies
For our readers to get to know better about American culture, NCCU Library collaborated with American Institute in Taiwan to develop a core collection of American studies. This collection mainly contains series books of Currents in American Scholarship, published by Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, US Department of State.  Subjects cover history, politics, social studies and culture.
Users from other libraries may borrow books of this collection through interlibrary loan service.
Meanwhile, the website also provides links to search National Central Library and Academia Sinica Library catalogues directly.
Ying-Ji's Collection
NCCU Library had received a generous donation of more than 6,000 Japanese books from retired Professor Jiang, Ying-Ji and recorded them in the Library collection. A list of those titles classified by subjects are provided on the website for browsing.