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Rules for Readers- Social Sciences Information Center

Regulations of Social Sciences Information Center


1. These Regulations have been made by Social Sciences Information Center for the benefit of all users and the maintenance of library property in suitable and servable conditions.
2. All users are required to produce their valid National Chengchi University ID card or Library card when entering the libraries, borrowing books, and at the request of library staff.
3. For visitors who are over 18-year-old but have no valid NCCU cards can register for temporary library cards at the reception desk with a valid national ID card, driver's license, university student ID card or passport/ARC for foreigners.
4. All users should behave themselves in a manner that does not interfere with the comfort or use of the libraries by others. Smoking, eating and drinking (except bottled water) are not allowed in the library. Users with bags larger than A4 size can borrow transparent bags and put personal belongings in the refundable locker in the reception area. The penalties for violators will be implemented according to the libraries' "Guidelines for Dealing with Violations of the Rules".
5. All users can access to what they need from the open shelves in the libraries. Books not on open access can be consulted on application; any item made available for consultation within the Library must be returned as directed before the services close. In the use of scanners or photocopying machines in the Library, the law regarding copyright must be observed. Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences concerning infringement of copyright that may arise.
5.1 Only the serial books can be borrowed after filling in the application form and properly checked out at the circulation desk on the 2nd floor.
5.2 Rules and Regulations of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library.
5.2.1 Personal belongings cannot be brought into the shelves.
5.2.2 Examining materials with protective mask and gloves if necessary.
5.2.3 Reproduction of any kind is prohibited unless with granted permission. Users can ask for pencils and paper to transcribe data.
5.2.4 Users must not mark, deface or damage books.
5.2.5 Users should place a book on its spine on the flat surface of a table while reading it. Do not stand or fold any item.
5.2.6 Users should turn pages carefully and avoid any act that may damage books.
5.2.7 The Library reserves the right to exclude any person who infringes the Regulations or who acts in any way which may interfere with the convenience of other library users or with the normal operations of the Libraries.
6. Fees will be charged on using facilities, as indicated in "Guidelines for All Information Equipment Service" and "Reading Rules for the Special Collections".
7. These Regulations shall be implemented upon approval by the Library Affairs Committee, and any revisions shall be processed accordingly.