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January 2010

1.There were more than 2 million visitors to the “National Chengchi University Institutional Repository” webpage (Google analytics).
2.The “World Institutional Repository Website Ranking” done by the Centre for Scientific Information and Documentation has ranked the National Chengchi University Institutional Repository system 132nd in the world, 19th in Asia and 4th in Taiwan.

February 2010

1.On 3 and 5 February, the Library’s Social Sciences Materials Center embarked on the external auditing exercise for service quality evaluation and international certification (ISO9001).
2.Completed the design and development of the digital learning webpage. 
3.Held the “2009 Exhibition of Bestsellers” in the Classic Collection Corner from 23 February - 23 March.
4.On 25 February, a presentation on the achievements of the “Taiwan Governor-General’s Office Official Bulletins Database” was conducted at the Shun-Wen Auditorium, Art and Culture Center. 
5.Opening hours of the Social Sciences Materials Center were adjusted to: Monday to Friday 8:00-17:00, Saturday 10:00-18:00, closed on Sunday.

March 2010

1.On 4-5 March, conducted the National Science Council Second Foreign Language Academic Resource Establishment Project (German and French) Northern Region Training. 
2.On 18 March, the library officially received its ISO certification from the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A.
3.On 23 March, the “Key Points for National Chengchi University Inter-library Document Delivery Subsidy” policy was developed to provide subsidies for teachers to retrieve collections or literature that cannot be provided by the Library.

April 2010

1.On 15 April, conducted the National Chengchi University Institutional Repository specialist librarian training .
2.Published the 2009 Library Annual Report.
3.Lecturer Chih-Hsin Lin of the Department of English presented the Library with the manuscript of “The Third Harm” (written in 1975), an early work by Professor Show-Foong Chang of National Yang Ming University.

May 2010

1.On 4 May , held the Academic Fellow Tzong-Shian Yu Book Donation Fair in the Classic Collection Corner .
2.On 10 May, launched the Library Blog beta version online .
3.On 17 May, held the “Happy New Media Book Fair” at the Classic Collection Corner. 
4.On 24 May, organized a talk by Professor Kuang-Chung Yu , entitled “Exchanging Aesthetic Experiences - A Major Source of Inspiration”.
5.Visit by Dr Yi-Hung Tsai from the European Federation of Taiwanese Associations who was given a briefing of the operations of the “Taiwan Democratic Movement Overseas Historical Resources Database”.

June 2010

1.On 18 June, held the “89th Library Committee Meeting”.
2.A group of five comprising Party Committee Secretary Mr. Jianhua Xi, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, as well as the principal and professors of the School of Journalism, visited the Communication Library.

July 2010

1.Implemented the 2010 second semester program for top universities - “Taiwan Humanities and Social Sciences Academic Foundation Development Plan”. 
2.Organized the “Cross Straits University School of Law Legal Books and Reference Materials Exchange Seminar”. A group of 10 comprising professors from China’s School of Law and the Director of the Law Library, was involved in this exchange with the Library.

August 2010

1.The “Key Word Collection and Statistical Compilation” system was officially launched online on the Library webpage. 
2.Completed 15 library training sessions as well as 17 sectional training courses. 
3.Lecturer Yuan-Sheng Huang from the School of Law visited the Library of Journalism together with a group of 15 law scholars from Jiangxi, China.

September 2010

1.On 16 September, the Library director Jyi-Shane Liu participated in the “6th Cross Straits Book Trade Fair” opening ceremony and book presentation ceremony at the World Trade Center, Hall 3. The Library was presented with 1396 books from 37 genres. 
2.On 24 September, held the exhibition “Completion of a Poem –Yang Mu’s Manuscript and Works” at the catalogue search area and circular art gallery on the first floor, as well as at the Classic Collection Corner on the second floor of the main library.
3.Completed the renovation of the ceiling of the first floor lobby of the main library.
4.Set up a rest corner as well as a small creative exhibition area in the Business Library.

October 2010

1.On 10 October, online launch of the newly-designed Library webpage .
2.Organized the freshman orientation tour activity - “I need the Library: Library tour”.
3.The National Science Council’s Second Foreign Language Resource Institute and the Art and Culture Center organized the “German and French Film Week” .
4.From 18-26 October, carried out the 2010 Library- Social Sciences Materials Center service quality survey. 
5.On 21 October, added a new webpage on “Academic Conference Theses” ” at the Library website.
6.Completed the Office of Academic Affairs Research & Development Plan - “Social Science Data Center Plan to Promote the Adaptation and Use of the Series Collection (Phase II - A detailed listing of contents and cataloguing of series collection, total of 136 categories of series (4,790 paragraphs, 7,589 volumes).

November 2010

1.On 12 November, held the 2010 administrative service quality evaluation meeting .
2.On 16 November, held the “Life, Art, Local Wisdom – “Traditional Taiwan” Relics” exhibition .
3.On 22-23 November, carried out the Library 2010 ISO internal audit

December 2010

1.On 3 December, conducted the “Library’s Frequently Asked Legal Questions on the Virtual Classroom”, with a total of 68 participants .
2.On 6 December, launched the library research room management system. 
3.The Library participated in the Library Association of the Republic of China 2010 Annual Congress Poster Exhibition with the theme “Establishment of German and French Language Research Institutes: Co-creating an Academic Watershed”. 
4.On 24 December, organized the “Institutional Repository Collection Policy Advisory Council” meeting .
5.On 31 December, organized the “19th Librarians Committee Meeting”.