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1982.05 A “Catalog of Publications by Faculty Members and Staff of the National Chengchi University” was compiled and published.
1983.03 The “NCCU Library Regulations Concerning the Screening of New Employees ” were approved by the University.
1983.11 The 1983 Annual Conference of the Inter-Library Cooperation Organization of the R.O.C. Humanities and Social Sciences Libraries and Information Centers was held.
1983.12 An evaluation of university libraries was announced by the Ministry of Education. Our Library received a rating “excellent.”
1984.04 The automated circulation system of the Library was put into effect.
1984.09 Graduate students from various fields of study were invited to serve as advisory volunteers in our Reference Room.
1985.04 Our collection entitled “Chung Shu Chi Cheng Chu Pien” was loaned to the Commercial Press, Ltd. For publication.
1985.08 While Director Hsu enjoyed a sabbatical year, the Section Chief of the Readers’ Service Section, Mr. Wang Chung-Fu, served as Acting Director.
1986.08 Professor Lee Hsu-Wu was appointed as Director of the Library. Freshmen I.D. cards were issued with bar codes.
1987.03 The Bibliofile on CD, the latest product of the Library corporation of the United States, was adopted by the Cataloging Section to aid in the cataloging of books in Western languages.
Our Library was invited to take part in the “academic Libraries Cooperative Cataloging Database” project.
1987.08 Mr. Wang Chung-Fu, the Section Chief the Readers’ Services Section, became Acting Director.
1997.05 The CD Working Station was set up to aid in retrieval by faculty members and students of the University.
1990.09 Professor Nancy Ou-Lan Chou was invited to serve as Director of the Library and the Social Sciences Information Center.
1990.12 The Collection Section was set up.
The Library of the Journalism Hall was moved to the Collection of Mass Communications Building and renamed the Branch Library of the College of Mass Communications.
1991.03 The Library entry-exit check system was replaced by a computerized security control system.
The “International Standard Book Number” system was adopted by National Chengchi University.
1991.05 Our Library sponsored the “Fifth Seminar on National College and University Libraries Automation Planning” on May 31.
1991.06 “The NCCU Library and the Social Sciences Information Center Guidelines Covering Promotion of Editors” were completed.
1991.08 An “Introduction to the National Chengchi University Library CD-ROM Database” was compiled and printed in loose-leaf form.
1991.10 The Library applied for membership in the “Science and Technology Libraries Cooperation Association of the Republic of China” and was accepted.
“The Union Catalog of Microform Information Collections of the National Chengchi University Libraries” was edited and printed.
1991.11 The “Incentive Measures for Book Donations to the National Chengchi University Library” and the “NCCU Library and the Social Sciences Information Center Management Regulations for Donated Books and Publications” were formulated and approved.