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Important Announcement: Please check your Library card information on new Library Discovery System

  • 2019-09-23

Dear users,
For the purpose of personal ynformation protection, after the new library automation system is launched on August 1, 2019, please log in as soon as possible, to confirm your library account password, and make sure the email address.
What's my library ID number?

  • For students, the library ID number is the Student ID number.
  • For faculties and staff members, it is the NCCU faculties/staff No.
  • For alumni, it is first 10 characters of the barcode number of the Alumni Card.
  • For other patrons, it is the barcode number of the Library Card.
What's the default Password:
  • For R.O.C patrons- first 6 characters of the R.O.C. ID number, for example, A12345;
  • For foreign patrons - nccummdd, "mmdd" is your birthdate - month and day, for example, nccu0520.
If you have any problem signing in, please call 29393091 ext. 63222, e-mail to or reset your password using "Fogot Password "if you forget it.
Email Confirmation!
Please note that the new library system only sends one email to the preferred address. Verifying your account email address ensures that you can receive emails from NCCU library. However, if you want to transfer the notifications to another email acconts, we recommend you can set up "Automatic Forwarding Email" to another email service addresses.

Thanks for your cooperation and consideration.
Access Section, NCCU Libraries