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Borrowing Rules

NCCU Library Borrowing Rules


I. National Chengchi University Libraries (hereinafter referred to as “the Libraries”) formulates the Circulation Rules (hereinafter referred to as “the Rules”) to better serve our users. 

II. All library users must in-person present a valid identification card to access the collections.
A. Students, full time faculty and staff must present their NCCU ID card with current validation to borrow materials from the Libraries. Retired employees may borrow library materials with their retiree ID card, which however, needs to be renewed annually.
B. Individuals with the following identities may apply for a library card under guarantee of their affiliation and guarantor.
1. Adjunct faculty, visiting professors, scholars or lecturers with an employment or invitation letter issued by NCCU.
2. Exchange students with a NCCU ID card.
3. Cooperative education/internship students.
4. Spouse of a full-time NCCU employee.
5. Non NCCU patrons with an approval of the Libraries.
C. Individuals with the following identities may apply for a library card with a refundable deposit of NT$3,000.
1. Alumni are required to activate borrowing privileges with a valid Alumni ID Card.  Graduates have to pay NT$800 user fee for the year of graduation and NT$1,000 the year after.
(1) 10% will be deducted from the deposit if the library card is cancelled within one year.
(2) Permanent alumni cardholders have no need to pay any deposit.
2. Non-NCCU students of extension education programs with guarantees of their affiliation and guarantor. (Those who finish the programs may pay a deposit of NT$3000 and an annual user fee of NT$2000 to renew the card.)  
3. Students on leave of absence, pre-enrolled graduate students and patrons with an approval of the Libraries.
4. Courtesy patrons may apply for a library card subject to Guidelines for NCCU Libraries Services to Non-NCCU Patrons.
D. There is a NT$150 processing fee for applying for a library IC card.
E. Library cards can only be used by the card owner and assume full responsibility for materials borrowed on the card. For more information, please refer to
F. To prevent unauthorized use of your card if it is lost or stolen, please report to the Circulation Desk of the Main Library immediately. The card holder should be responsible for use on the card up to the point a card is reported lost or stolen.
III. Rare books, special collection, periodicals and newspapers do not circulate. References, course reserves and audio-visual materials may be checked out in accordance with related borrowing rules. 

IV. Borrowing Privileges 
A. Current full-time faculty and researchers may borrow a maximum of 80 items up to 12 weeks. 
B. Current staff and graduate students may borrow a maximum of 50 items up to 8 weeks. 
C. Undergraduate students may borrow a maximum of 30 items up to 4 weeks.
D. Adjunct professors, retired employees and students of extension education programs may borrow a maximum of 20 items up to 4 weeks. 
E. Alumni may borrow a maximum of 10 items up to 3 weeks.
F. Cooperative education/internship students may borrow a maximum of 10 items up to 3 weeks.
G. The interlibrary loan is based upon the principle of reciprocity and borrowing books from any member library is subject to the reciprocal agreement. 
H. Patrons not in the above groups may borrow items in accordance with related borrowing rules.
I. Each volume in a set of thread-bound books may be checked out separately.
V. Placing Holds
A. Patrons may place holds on an item currently on loan, on order or in process of cataloging.
B. The maximum number of unfilled holds a full-time faculty or researcher may have is 20.  Patrons who can borrow more than 10 items may place holds up to 10 items.  Those who can borrow less than 10 items may place holds up to 5 items.
C. An item on hold stays on the hold shelf for 7 days waiting to be collected. The privilege of placing holds will be blocked for 3 months if the user does not pick up the items before the expiry date 3 times within a semester.
D. The loan period will be shortened when a user checks out an item that has been requested by another patron.  For full-time faculty and researchers, the loan period will be shortened to 4 weeks; for other groups of users, the loan period will be shortened to 2 weeks.

VI. A user must have his/her own library card to check out library materials. Or he/she may authorize a proxy to check out materials in his/her name. A proxy borrower should present his/her ID in good standing with the primary borrower’s ID card and a Proxy Authorization Form when checking out library materials.

VII. An item should be renewed before the due date and each successful renewal will extend the due date by the normal loan period from the day the item is renewed. The user may renew the items online, in person or by phone and any item could be renewed 2 times as long as it has not been requested by another patrons.

VIII. An item will be recalled when it has been requested to be placed on a course reserve or for any specific reason. The primary borrower will be notified and has to return the requested item within 7 days or overdue fines will incur. 

IX. Overdue fines are charged for any material that is not returned on or before the due date. The fine amount per day per item is NT$ 5 and the maximum amount per item for each loan period is NT$1,000. The Libraries offer a 3-day grace period for normal circulating items and on the fourth day, a full fine will be charged.  The borrowing privileges will be suspended if a user has any overdue items or unpaid fines. 

X. The user is responsible for items he/she has borrowed and has to pay for lost or damaged items in accordance with the related rules.  

XI. As part of the exit process, the departing employees and students should return all outstanding library materials or settle any overdue fines prior to the last day of work or graduation 

XII. The above Rules as well as their amendments will take effect after being approved by the NCCU Library Committee.