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Policy for Reporting Misconduct and Rules Violations

Policy for Reader Violations


I. The Policy for Reader Violations of the National Chenchi University Libraries is for facilitating the library operation as well as the maintenance of good reading environment.
II. Users should use their personal valid ID card to enter the library. Once readers who are found to lend his library card to another person for use or to use another person’s library card for use, both of them shall receive 2 violation points from the Library.
III. The following activities are not allowed in the library. Those who commit any of the violations stated below shall receive a violation point from the Library.
1. Carrying food, drinks into the library, smoking, or talking, cackling and reciting loudly of any other behaviors that infringe on the rights of other library users.
2. Occupying the seat for over 1 hour.
3. Randomly move the tables and chairs or bring the books or equipment without checking out into the Main library carrels.
4. Membership transfer or membership fraud.
5. Improper use of the equipment of the Library to copy, transfer or download data illegally.
6. Without permission to photograph or film within the library.
7. Leave personal belongings twice in the Library after closing.
8. Improper remain in the Library after closing.
9. Improper behavior against morality.
10. Other misconducts failing to improve after being persuaded.
IV. Communications devices shall be switched into the mute mode or switched off.
V. Computers provided by NCCU Libraries are for academic research or teaching purposes only. Those who commit the violations shall receive a violation point from the library.
VI. Users whose violation points have reached to two shall be punished as follows:
1. NCCU members shall take part in the library volunteer work for 10 hours or be suspended the right to borrow the library materials for 3 months.
2. Visitors will be suspended the right to enter the library for 6 months.
3. The Library will release the names of the violators regularly.
VII. Users should cherish and protect all the books and equipment in the library from being damaged of vandalized. Those who commit the violations shall be liable to pay compensation and will be reported to the responsible entities.
VIII. Any user taking out materials without checking out and it activated the library security system may result in the following situation: receive 2 violation point from the Library, or suspension of library privilege, including the right to borrowing privilege, or taking part in the library volunteer work for 10-20 hours, etc. Users severely breaching the rules will be reported to Division of Campus Security and responsible entities. Students of the university shall be sent to Office of Student Affairs and visitors shall be sent to their related service entities.
IX. Violators engaging in illegal behaviors including stealing, sexual harassment or severely breaching public orders and morality will be reported to the police and responsible entities.