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Electronic Resources Usage Policy

Guidelines for Using NCCU Libraries E-resources

1. Guidelines for NCCU Libraries E-resources are specially made for effective management of legal usage of all E-resources.
2. These Guidelines are applicable to all E-databases, E-journals, E-books and other information in electronic form which are open accessed, or purchased, developed, or provided by NCCU Libraries.
3. All E-resources provided by NCCU Libraries are for academic research or teaching purposes only.
4. Utilization of E-resources should be in respect of the relevant intellectual property rights and compliance with the licensing agreement or copyright. The following actions are not allowed:

(1) Capturing, downloading or copying information or published articles/literature in E-resources excessively and continuously or systematically.
(2) Membership transfer or membership fraud.
(3) Changing the setting(s) of E-resources without prior permission, thereby infringing upon the right to use of other members.
(4) Making commercial use of the E-resources information or uploading for public access.
(5) Providing the information of the E-resources to unauthorized party(s) without consent of the copyright owner.
(6) Illegal access, copying, damaging or destruction of the E-databases .
(7) Any other acts of infringement of intellectual property rights.

5. NCCU Libraries reserve the right to take all appropriate actions against Members who contravene any parts of these Guidelines including, but not limited to, one-month suspension of library privileges or membership. Disciplinary action may also be taken against students who have breached any of the Guidelines.
6. NCCU Libraries reserve the right to add, amend or revoke any of these Guidelines from time to time.
7. These Guidelines will be in effect upon approval of NCCU Libraries Administration Meeting.