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Policy on Use of the Library Public Computers and Internet Access

National Chengchi University Libraries' Computer and Internet Use & Access Rules

1. This set of regulations was formulated by National Chengchi University Libraries (hereinafter referred to as the "Library") in order to supervise the use of public domain computer and Internet.

2. To use network nodes, user should follow instructions to set IP address and network connection settings.

3. The use of public domain computer and Internet are for academic research purpose only.

4. Users should turn off sound effect when using information appliance, and ensure that other users are not disturbed.

5. Users are prohibited to use of public domain computer and Internet to participate following activities,

to host websites,
to use unauthorized IP address,
to conduct in violation of copyright laws and related regulations,
to peep, steal, modify, interrupt or destroy others information,
to deliberately spread computer viruses or other unauthorized information,
to invade unauthorized use of computer system or scan the ports of others,
to distribute advertising letter; to sell contraband, illegal software or data,
to conduct unauthorized commercial activity,
to spread false words or slander the reputation of others,
to harm or interfere with the security of computer system or network communication,
to offend other countries and school-related laws and regulations.

6. If the alleged infringement of the rights of others, apart from reporting to the school related unit for discipline, Criminal and Civil need conceited.

7. Any problems that occur in the Library will be solved as stipulated under relevant The Ministry of Education set of "Terms of Use for Campus Networks" and "Terms of Use for NCCU Networks"

8. This set of regulations went into effect after being passed by Library Committee; any future revisions shall be passed by the Committee as well.