NCCU Library

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Brief History of the Library: Origin (1950s ~ 1960s)


     As NCCU re-established in Taiwan in 1954, there's neither collection of sources nor facilities, not to mention a library.  It was only in 1955 that a reading room was founded in Jhih-Si Building, current site of the College of Science, which was subordinated to the Office of Academic Affairs.

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※Jhih-Si Building (current site of the College of Science) ※Social Sciences Information Center

     In 1959, the Library was formally established and Mr. Ri-Chang He was assigned as the first Director of the Library.  The Library Committee had been constituted at that time for the purpose of smooth functioning of the library.
     The Social Sciences Information Center (or, SSIC) was established in 1961 for developing collections in social sciences subjects. Both the Library and SSIC were subordinated to NCCU President.