NCCU Library

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Brief History of the Library: Growth (1990s)

        In 1990s, with the advances of new technology, the Library began utilizing computers and introduced automated system to accomplish more tasks and to deliver more services. With respect to simplification, library management became centralized and services, however, have been provided by each library on the basis of individual missions and goals.

        In July 1992, both the Acquisition Section and the Cataloging Section of SSIC merged with those of the Main Library. Starting from December 1992, the Library Director served also as the Supervisor of SSIC in the consequence that all libraries around campus became integrated to facilitate more efficient operation.

         In 1997, the College of Commerce was completed and the Commerce Library was opened in September of the same year.

        On March 16, 2001, after a plan schemed from 1997, the Social Sciences Library, housed materials in social sciences, law and international affairs that have been collected for more than 30 years, was opened to support for inter-disciplinary studies and research.

      To coordinate and fulfill resource sharing, libraries of Institute of International Relations, Center for Public and Business Administration Education and NCCU Affiliated Experimental Elementary School employed NCCU Library Automation System to manage their collections and provide support to the university's community.