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Brief History of the Library: Development (2000s)


  As a result of more than 50 years of extensive efforts, NCCU Libraries hold one of the most comprehensive collections in humanities and social sciences in Taiwan. According to a competitiveness survey among 65 universities of Taiwan, China and Hong Kong conducted by Global Views Monthly Magazine published in October 2006, NCCU was the only Taiwan institution that was on the top 20 benchmarks in terms of the average number of books per student (106.95 per student). These remarkably diverse collections are the result of systematic, forward-looking acquisitions amassed over years and it will remain a vital part of the library's mission.


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The statistical information on holdings as of August, 2009:

  • CJK books: 1,250,154; western language books: 556,795
  • CJK e-books: 16,835; western language e-books: 25,495
  • CJK non-book materials: 173,409; western language non-book materials: 1,103,906 
  • CJK periodicals: 2,445; western language periodicals: 2,290; e-journals: 39,582
  • CJK bound periodicals: 102,773; western language bound periodicals: 112,650
  • CJK newspapers: 282; western language newspapers: 157
  • CJK databases: 102; western language databases: 109

  These collections were housed among the Main Library, Social Sciences Information Center, Communication Library, Commerce Library, Social Sciences Library, Center for Public and Business Administration Education and Institute of International Relations Library.  As a selected deposit, the Libraries keep the most comprehensive collection such as theses and dissertations of Taiwan, social science research reports sponsored by National Science Council published prior to 1994 and the government publications. 

      Moreover, the NCCU Libraries have made tremendous efforts to digitize NCCU research outputs and develop NCCU Electronic Theses & Dissertations, NCCU Scholarly Journals Online, NCCU Proceedings of Conference Database, NCCU Faculty Research & Publications and NCCU Institutionary Repository.

      To preserve and support online access to our unique holdings, the Library conducts consecutive digitization projects and creates NCCU Special Collection Website comprising a diverse range of resources including NCCU Newspaper Clippings Full-Text, Important News Clippings prior to 1949, R.O.C. Government Employee Database, Mr. Fang, Maurus's Archives, Mr. Cheng, Tien-Fong's Archives and Professor Chen, Fang-Ming's Manuscripts. In addition, the Library collaborates with organizations or individuals of interests to constantly digitize rare materials among which are Gazette of the Office of Taiwan Governor, Historical Resources Abroad Regarding Democratization in Taiwan.